Sensual Feast

Back by popular demand, the Sensual Feast is a quiet gathering of souls hungry for sensual connection! Served atop a lovely human buffet, all are welcome to enjoy the atmosphere of mood music and

Guests may consume anything you choose to consume from a delctable assortments of temperatures, flavors and textures, the only rule is that you cannot feed yourself! Ask for anything you would like and offer anything you would like to bestow upon someone, and relax knowing that many of your offers and requests will happily be accepted!

Paint a nipple with an edible liquid and offer it to a guest or guests… ask for a body shot or nibble– sensuality is in the air and anything can happen!

One response to “Sensual Feast

  1. Last year and this year the sensual feast will be followed by the SnuggleFest: A workshop for safe touch that will focus on nonsexual touch and cuddling for those who have not already moved on to the playrooms after sensual feeding.
    While food supplies last, servers will offer participants the opportunity to feed each other food/drink

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