SexSpace 2017 Sneak Preview

Many changes, improvements and upgrades are happening at SisterSpace and SexSpace is changing formats and exploring new worlds as well.

2017 Sensual Feast
This year’s feeding frenzy has a sexy underwear (or nudity theme) for those who want to rock their hottest bras, boxers or bikini bottoms while sampling a smorgasbord of sumptuous flavors at the hands of hot participants. Whether boxers and undershirts or frilly bras and panties (or any creative combination) are your personal intimate apparel style,  all participants are encouraged to undress for sexcess during this year’s sensual feast!

In addition to the Sensual Feast will be a dark room dance party and a dark room touch party where participants will meet in a dark room to experience consensual touch.

Workshops will include the a\Afternoon Delight impact demo party, Lustability staying connected discussion , masturbation ritual and vaginal pleasure presentation.

As always the Sexuality Space will feature two party rooms, two private room and one sem-private room for exhibitionists and voyeurs.

Sex Space staff will provide clean sheets and supplies in each room and facilitate scheduled group activities.  If you have ideas, inspriation and energy to lend to the SisterSpace Sexuality Space , make sure to comment here or email Kali


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