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Sexuality Space 2016

Foreplay fore- planning are in the works for this year’s 2016 Sexuality Space at the annual  SisterSpace  festival of women’s art music spirit and community that is scheduled to take place September 9th through 11th.

If you want to experience a magical weekend of women’s arts, spirituality and community, you owe it to yourself to register for SisterSpace 2016.
This year’s festival has expanded its programming to include multiple transformational experiences including interactive arts, a sweat lodge and social activities for women of all ages (including children).

This year, our mission at Sexuality Space  remains the same – – to provide a safe space for women aged 18 and over to explore and experience consensual sexual pleasure.

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We succeeded in last year’s rallying cry to leave “No Dyke Left Undone” with our combination of sexuality workshops, mixers, safe touch activities, play parties and private play areas and with big help from Fidget’s matchmaking Board of Opportunity!

This year’s scheduled Sexuality Space workshops and events will include additional public as well as private play areas that will be accessible for up to an hour at a time around the clock!: 

  • Sex toys for sale by Sexploratorium
  • Board of Opportunity (hosted by Fidget, ongoing)
  • A Sensual Feast icebreaker hosted by Sex Space
  • Safe Touch: A Snugglefest hosted by Tahnee
  • Sex workshop with Kali (comment on this post with preferred topics: Hot Safer Sex, G-spot sex, Anal Sex, Strap-on Sex)
  • Self Love Rituals: A workshop on self care and pleasure with Tahnee
  • Stand to Pee: An interactive skill share hosted by Kali
  • Sexy Sports: A risque relay race hosted by Fidget and Toni
  •  Saturday Happy Hour Mixer with Layne and Lynn
  • Talk Dirty to Me: Negotiating the pleasure you want with Jessica and Toni
  • Afternoon Delight: Demos on spanking, flogging and impact with Jessica and Toni
  • Belly Dancing and  Mindful Movement with Tahnee
  • More workshops TBA (possibly Tantra, Orgasmic Mediatation and other topics -comment on this post to vote for topics you would like to see)

Sexuality Space is looking for a few good women: In order to maintain the Sexuality Space facilities, we would like to recruit some women to assist in setup, food preparation, laundry, bathroom cleaning, play monitoring, and teardown.  For information about volunteering, contact– Fidget Subj: Sexuality Space Volunteer

Otherwise, we hope we have whet your appetite for SisterSpace Weekend Sept 9-11 and for our little village within affectionately known as SexSpace!

See you in September!

No Dyke Left Undone! Thank you for a sexy space in 2015

The rallying cry of Sexuality Space at SisterSpace became “No Dyke Left Undone” and thanks to Fidget’s careful oversight of our “Board of Opportunity” there wasn’t a single line unmatched!

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Thank you to all the amazing women who set up, hosted, maintained and broke down SexSpace 2015!