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Sexuality Space 2014

The third annual SexualitySpace at SisterSpace 2014 is shaping up to be a sensual smorgasbord of pleasure-positive sisterly sensuality thanks to Sexploratorium, Liberty City Kings, Lynn and Layne, Toni and Fidget, Tahnee, and the many fine folks who will visit, staff, utilize and attend the space.

Plans are underway for Sexuality Space @Sisterspace 2014 – If you are interested in participating or contributing with supplies, sponsorship, fundraising, etc. specific to the sexuality track, please fill out the contact form below. Get involved with Sisterspace Sexuality Space 2014!

In honor of the 35th Anniversary of Sisterspace, Sexploratorium is sponsoring SexualitySpace at Sisterspace (#SexualitySpace #Sisterspace @SSODV).


Explore the magic of sexuality in a romantic, accepting, and respectful Sexuality Space.